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broward_florida's Journal

Broward County Residents
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All Members , Moderated
This community is open to anyone and everyone living in Broward County Florida, especially if you're tired of reading about that festering cesspool Miami.

Post about anything Broward related, or just about your life in general. All local events are always welcomed and appreciated, as well as intelligent discussion.

There is only one rule in this community, because I find a giant list of do's a don'ts to be obnoxious and unnecessary. That rule is: KEEP YOUR EVENT SHIT RELATED TO BROWARD COUNTY. If you post about some show/festival/your mother's birthday party outside of the county, I'm deleting it. Period. And if you keep it up, I am kicking you to the internet curb in a wildly impressive display of serious business.

Aside from that little bit of common sense, go wild-- but don't think I will let everything slide here. I have been known (on the rare occasion) to delete and/or ban depending on how much you piss me off and I dont have the time or the patience to deal with whiners, so if you dont like that, bugger off.

That being said, enjoy.

photos in the community's banner and icon by circe67